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Spanish tees carry such a statement and it seems like they can be difficult to find. But whenever I find one, it is such a fun moment. If you are looking to shop for Spanish tees, take a look at the ones below. Click on the text link or the picture to find them. Most of these Spanish tees come from Zazzle. 

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Brother – Hermano – frére tee

brother hermano

This is a sweatshirt and it is also available as a t-shirt. It says Made in America with Spanish Parts. Anyone can relate? 

This Spanish tee says “pío, pío” is so cute and perfect for Spanish speakers because anyone who has learned Spanish or taken a Spanish course would have learned the song “Los Pollitos dicen” = “pío, pío, pío.”
Orgulloso de ser bilingue – Proud to be bilingual 
This is the goal of teaching Spanish to young children or to adults.  Nowadays, bilingualism is SO important and SO necessary. If you are bilingual, be proud! Use your two languages! 
I really like the one that says “Cómo te llamas?” and it has the picture of a llama to go with it. So funny. Such a fun play on words between llama and llamas. jajaja.