Activities For Read Aloud Time – Ways to Keep Children Busy and Listening


Read Aloud can be a beloved time during the homeschool day, it is all about making sure the children are staying occupied while listening and understanding the book read to them.  I used to think that in order to listen to a book, it was best to sit still and just listen. 

Well, I have come to find out that children actually do need to move around WHILE they focus, listen, and comprehend a story.  Today I am sharing my Top 7 activities to keep children busy while listening to books read aloud.  

Activities to Keep Children Busy and Listening to a Story – Read Aloud Time 


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Tips to Keep Children Busy and Listening to a Story - Read Aloud Time

1. Playdough: You can get playdough from Amazon or quickly make your own at home. There are some very easy and simple recipes to follow. Choose molds and rollers and let them create away with playdough while listening to a book.  They may even recreate the story, characters, and setting with playdough! how fun is that! 

Playdough tools and molds to use with playdough and develop fine motor skills in younger kids and preschool while also working on creativity with older kids. 

Everyone loves playdough! yeah?!

2. Slime: Make your own slime or get some already made at the store. It is way more fun making your own, though! You can customize your playdough as you wish. 

3. Puzzles: The kids complete puzzles individually while listening to books. Usually I get the puzzles at Dollar Tree for a $1 each. The puzzles are full of color and some more detailed than others.  We usually do a puzzle related to a theme we have been studying in one of our units. 

Shop puzzles from Dollar Tree here. 


4. Draw and color or just color: There are many coloring books out there, we particularly like this style because it is just so creative! The kids can color while I read a book. The first book with the cupcakes is just so cute! There is one picture of a pig holding an umbrella shaped as a cupcake and guess what! it is raining cupcakes! Very adorable!  



Grab a set of Prismacolor Coloring Pencils to go with the new coloring book! This set has the most vibrant and best quality coloring pencils I have ever seen!

5. Eat food: Put together a special snack and read away! It could be something like Poetry Tuesday where the kids have tea and a treat while listening to a book. 


6. Legos: Build away with legos while listening to the book. This one is my personal least favorite activity to do while reading aloud. But every now and then it does work.  

7. Rubix Cube: Solve a color, two colors, or ALL the colors!  


Hope these activities are helpful to you!

I’d love to hear what you do for read aloud time! 

Hasta la próxima! 


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