4 Ways to Make Writing a Creative Activity

Writing can be a lot of fun! We can encourage writing from a young age. From the moment a child makes his/her first scribbles, they are writing. Oh and how fun it is to look back at those first pieces of writing, mispelled words and all!

Today, I am sharing FOUR ways to make writing a creative activity. These tips can also be used in the regular classroom.

Use fun pens – Sometimes kids decide they want to write because they have found “the perfect pen” in their “favorite color”. Whenever there are new pens, the kids want to get them out and write, draw, and scribble.

Draw and Write Journal Notebooks – Earlier this year, I designed notebooks to help kids to write. These notebooks have a blank page on the left side and a page for writing on the right. The goal is for children to use their creativity and find that writing can be a nice way to give words and meaning to their drawings.

There are currently three different designs: Llamas, mermaids, and rainbows, You can order them directly from Amazon. Each notebook has 120 pages, glossy cover, and white paper. Perfect for writing and drawing!

Keeping a notebook for their writing and drawings (it will also keep all papers in one place, yay!). Find a notebook with a cover they like such as their favorite animal, their favorite saying, etc.

Scrapbooking scissors – Yes! Cut out papers in fun shapes with scrapbooking scissors. Label the cutouts, make up a story with the cutouts, etc. Making writing a creative activity takes the pressure off of “having” to write.

Create a funny story – I keep a basket for “Fun Educational Books” (such a creative name, haha). This basket has different books that are educational. The book Mad Libs gets used a lot! The kids get to practice filling in the sentences with nouns, adjectives, and verbs. This way they can practice grammar and writing at the same time.

Let us know how you are making writing a creative activity in your homeschool!

Happy Writing!


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