Hi! I’m Fabi.

I am a bilingual Chilean living in the United States for more than 15 years. I love teaching language and sharing with others how to adjust to American life. There were many things I didn’t know when I first arrived in college, although I spoke the language, there were many other things I had to learn along the way.  I am deeply passionate about bilingualism, culture, and world travel and learning.

I also love nature, food, and fiber arts like crochet and embroidery.

I started this site to have a place to chronicle my life as a Bilingual Mami to my four little ones. They range from ages 7 to 16 months old.

This site is about:

  • bilingual living
  • language learning
  • homeschooling
  • food
  • faith
  • and everything else in between!

I am here to share how to balance it all and have fun along the way!

Bilingual Mami is one of the few blogs in this niche! This site is about featuring how to homeschool in two languages, how to teach a second language, how to learn to run errands in the United States (something that is not taught in textbooks!!!!) and how to lean on the Lord to be able to get through all the learning.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengths me.” Phil. 4:13

I am an Elementary Education Teacher and M.A. TESOL turned stay-at-home-mom and homeschooler.

I love writing, talking, and sharing about bilingualism, culture, food, fiber arts, and faith.

I also love to cook and learn new ways to cook healthy meals for our family. I believe food and faith are essential for healthy living and language learning.

I am happiest when I know I am helping others learn a new word, or when I get to help them learn new aspects of American culture.

I am honored and humbled to have you here!

Thank you for being here,


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