Reading about Egypt in Spanish in the Bilingual Homeschool

Reading about Egypt in Spanish

This is our second time since we started homeschooling that we are studying Egypt. This time we are going more in depth as everyone is a bit older and I think we can complete more projects from Susan Bauer’s Story of the World.

Listen to the Story of the World Vol. 1 CDs (in English)

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Like every subject in our bilingual homeschool, I try to provide as many resources we can in English and Spanish so that we can continue growing in our language skills while learning a subject we are interested in.

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Books about Egypt in Spanish for the Homeschool:


Egipcios / The Egyptians: Explora los secretos de la vida en el Antiguo Egipto (Spanish Edition) 

When you read this book, you will find that Tut will walk alongside you by the Nile River to tell you all the secrets of Egypt.

Diario de Pilar en Egipto (Spanish Edition)

Pilar, Breno, and their cat Samba are transported to Egypt on a magical carpet. They meet Tutankamon who teaches them about Ancient Egypt, the culture, and life way back when.

Quien fue el rey Tut?

The well-known series of Who Was? books is available in Spanish! Thanks to the fellow mom who shared that tip with me!

This book sounds like such a fun adventure! It’s the story of a boy who is given a key to a secret room where all kinds of maps are stored! Also he is given a mysterious necklace that will allow him to travel all around the world. This time he is traveling to Egypt with a dragon. Together they will go explore the pyramids! 

Los pendientes de Nefertiti: El jeroglífico mágico

This story is about discovering the tomb of Queen Nefertiti. Pitin, a young boy, goes on an adventure to discover the tomb.  It is also available for Kindle Unlimited. 


Hope this list is helpful to you!

Cuéntame, ¿ qué libros están leyendo en tu hogar?

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