Favorite Books Series to Teach Math

Definitely teaching a topic and reinforcing concepts with picture books is one of my favorite ways to teach my children. Many times I find books in English and Spanish that way we can learn in both languages, much like in bilingual education or dual language settings that many schools are doing across the country.

So far, my children have enjoyed listening and reading books by children’s author Stuart Murphy. He has written some really fun stories with realistic scenarios that are relevant to young children and elementary age students. Each story has been written and drawn to teach a math concept. This is a win-win in my homeschool!

When do I use Stuart Murphy’s books in my homeschool?

  1. Introduce a concept by reading a story.
  2. Reinforce a concept by reading a story.

Integrating literature with math allows children to experience the math concepts and assimilate the concepts through different levels of understanding. In other words, it makes the math concepts more real to them by allowing them to recall them through a story rather than just a concept. 

Stuart Murphy has developed the MathStart series which has Level 1, Level 2, Level 3.

Some titles include:



Other titles available in Spanish:



What books do you use for teaching math concepts at home? Let me know in the comments!


Happy Teaching!

Felizmente Enseñando!




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