How to Keep a Prayer Journal


prayer journal

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This year I decided to write down my prayer requests in a prayer journal. I’m quite fond of notebooks, so I like to use a lined notebook, a Bic pen,  and Sharpie pen for underlining and doodling on my Bible and journal.  By the way, these Sharpies are great for writing on the Bible since they don’t bleed through the pages and they come in fine point.

How to keep a prayer journal?

  1. Write in Detail: Although we know God knows, we can write down a detailed situation or prayer request. Writing it down helps me organize my thoughts and sentiments regarding prayer requests.
  2. Record the Date: It helps me to see how God is moving, perhaps He is answering in a way that is different from what I would expect but writing down the date helps me to see that He is indeed at work and that He is doing something whether is the way I would hope or not.
  3. Scripture: Write down the verses and Bible stories that you see God using to speak to you. God and the Holy Spirit use Scripture to help you, encourage you so that you know that He is with you.
  4. Record Updates: This is related to number 2. Write down how you see God moving. Write down what happened or what didn’t happen.
  5. Writing down in a journal is another way to lay it down at His Feet.  It really helps me remember that I am not in control, because God is overseeing everything. Sometimes, it is so easy to want to be in control or not do anything because of fear…but when I am writing it down my requests, I am realizing that there are things that are just beyond anything I can do.


Keeping a prayer journal helps me to remember that I need to be still and wait upon the Lord.  -Fabiola W. 

The purpose in keeping a prayer journal is so that it can serve as a reminder of God’s faithfulness. It is helpful to look back on different life experiences and really see how the Lord worked those situations out.

I encourage you to keep a journal, to talk to the Lord and be open with Him. You will be soon be on your way to discovering how God will answer your prayers!



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