Recommended Bilingual English-Spanish Picture Books

We have read many, many Bilingual Picture Books in our home throughout the years. This is a running list of the ones we have read.  Hope you enjoy. Which have you read?

Cuéntame: What have you read? What would you add to this list?

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  1. Diez Deditos de las Manos y Diez Deditos de los Pies – Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes.  Bilingual board book that introduces young children to soothing rhymes in English and Spanish.
  2. Besos for Baby: A Little Book of Kisses.  This is such a cute little board book all about giving kisses to baby. Everyone like Mama, Papá, perrito (doggy) takes turns to give the baby a kiss. A very sweet little book, perfect for small hands also.
  3. La Oruga Muy Hambrienta – The Very Hungry Caterrpillar.  This is a must read picture book with toddlers (if their attention span permits) and preschoolers.  Introduces food vocabulary and life cycle of the butterfly in English and Spanish. We did a fun activity with this one in which we made our own little books with the food from the story.
  4. First 100 Words Bilingual. Great, great, great book to have. Baby and toddlers will be picking it up on their own. It is simple and straight to the point: Helping children learn to speak words in the target language.
  5. Bilingual Tales: El patito feo – The Ugly Duckling. This is a classic tale. The story of the ugly duckling who turned into beautiful. This is a very well known little story.
  6. I Love You Through and Through – Te quiero, Yo te quiero. This is one of our favorites at home! A very sweet, tender story about a toddler and his teddy.
  7. Curious George books. There are many, many Curious George books available in bilingual edition. They are all so fun!!!


Take time to read to your children. They will enjoy it and it will help them gain proficiency in the language.

Happy reading time!






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