Stocking Stuffer Ideas – Nov.4, 2016

The following is a collection of Top 6 findings for phone accessories.

These are time sensitve deals, available through Jane, so be sure to get it right away when you see it.  Which are you getting?

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support! 



Flat Phone Bungee Cables  – 10 feet long, assorted colors, extra long, durable.


icon phone cases.jpg

Hot Icon Phone Case – Fun and trendy designs!



Portable External Cell Phone Charger – for iPhone and Android



Universal Magnetic Air Vent Mount  – Works with all smartphones and GPS.



Stroller Bike Mount – It adjusts to the handle. Fits all phones.



Memory Card Reader – Works for iPhone and PC/Mac. 32 GB.


Let me know if you find this post helpful so I can find more deals for you.



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