How to Teach Spanish Vowels at Home and FREE Printable

Funny fact: My kids have found it sooooo much easier to learn their vowels in Spanish first and then in English. They enjoy saying their vowels in Spanish first and then in English. They have some sort of game / competition when they do it. Since they learned their vowels quite easy and quick, I found it pertinent to immediately move on to learn to start looking at syllables that follow the consonant + vowel pattern to make words like Mamá, Papá, mesa, etc.

Our Favorite Videos to learn Spanish Vowels:

  1. There are some fun songs on YouTube that we still like to listen to like this one by Piñón. It is so catchy, great to dance, and shows motions to show what each vowel looks like. This is my personal favorite:

2. The other one we like is by Mono Sílabo. What I like about this video is that it teaches the vowels and it says words that start with the vowel. It is cute and a good way to get the kids acquainted to the characters in this channel. I use several of their videos for teaching Spanish as well.


Teach Spanish Vowels with a Hand Rhyming Game – Juego de Palmas

Hand rhyming games break the routine, make learning fun, and allows the child to move while learning new concepts. 

We also like this juego de palmas hand clapping game where each Spanish vowel rhymes with a type of doll.

Tengo una Muñeca

Juego de Palmas


A con A,

Daba daba da,

Tengo una muñeca de cristal.


E con E,

Debe debe de,

Tengo una muñeca de papel.


I con I,

Dibi dibi di,

Tengo una muñeca de marfil.


O con O,

Dobo dobo do,

Tengo una muñeca de algodón.


U con U,

Dubu dubu du,

Tengo una muñeca tan bonita como tú.


As a variation, I have included a FREE printable doll for your child to color and turn into one of the dolls  – muñecas from the hand rhyming game. 

You can use the dolls as puppets! Have your child pretend their doll can talk and tell a story about how the doll was made of crystal, paper, marfil, cotton, or one of their one creation! 

We like to print ours, color them, cut out, and tape it on a popsicle stick


Vowels Hand Rhyming Game – Juego de Palma Printable


Doll Printable – Tengo una Muñeca Printable 

Doll Muneca FREE Printable


Thanks to Teacher’s Clipart for the graphic.


Have fun learning the Spanish vowels with your child! Enjoy cutting and decorating your printable dolls.

¡Hasta la próxima!






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