How to Organize ABeka Homeschool Assignments and Papers for the Year

A new year has come and I am once again planning for our upcoming school year! This is going to be my fourth year homeschooling. Where has the time gone?! A lot of learning in the process for the kids and myself. We love homeschooling even more than the very first year and we are […]

10 Sweet Bilingual Board Books for Raising a Bilingual Child in the Early Years

As we raise our bilingual children, I have started to make note of the books we read and the things we have done along the way to help teach them Spanish as naturally as possible. One of these has been reading to them from a very young age, the womb. We read books in Spanish, […]

Spanish Poetry Tea Time – Eclectic Charlotte Mason Homeschool

  This post contains affiliate links.  The month of May has been mainly dedicated to analyzing what 2016-2017 was like for our schooling. What I am wishing to keep the same as well as the areas I am wishing to further work on. Since the very beginning of our homeschool, way before we officially started, […]

How to Make Spanish Pancakes with Dulce de Leche

How to Make Spanish Style Pancake Crepe Whenever you are in Chile or somewhere else in Latin America and your friend invites you over for pancakes…be prepared to be served rolled up pancakes made as crepes filled with dulce de leche or manjar – a caramel sauce over it and possibly confectioners sugar over it.  Our […]

Easy Spanish Black Bean Soup Recipe Made with Dry Beans

Whenever you are in Florida, you are sure to find Black Bean Soup or Frijoles at just about every restaurant as a side dish. In our bicultural family, we like to make this soup using dry beans to make it extra hearty. It is just so easy to make and it sparks conversations about Central […]

Literature Unit Study for Owl Moon by Jane Yolen- Spanish Books And FREE Printables

Owl Moon Author:  Jane Yolen Grades: Pre-K – 3rd grade This book is excellent for introducing the concepts of figurative language in English or in ESL. Beautifully written story of a girl going owling with her Pa one night. The text describes the entire setting, the time spent between the girl and her Dad. It […]

12 Board Books to Read in Spanish with your ToddlerA

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.  Board books are books made of sturdy materials for toddlers. These books are made to withstand throwing and handle the little hands that will hold them.  I have such fond memories of reading board books to my children since they were babies and them growing […]

How to Teach Spanish Vowels at Home and FREE Printable

Funny fact: My kids have found it sooooo much easier to learn their vowels in Spanish first and then in English. They enjoy saying their vowels in Spanish first and then in English. They have some sort of game / competition when they do it. Since they learned their vowels quite easy and quick, I […]