Famous Phrases by Latin American Authors and Their Best Books to Fall in Love with Spanish Literature

Latin American Authors to Read in Spanish

Spanish literature is very rich in language. The descriptions, rhyme, and key phrases are gripping to anyone who sits down to read a novel in Spanish.  In this post you will find 7 famous Latin American authors who have left their mark in literature.  Some of these authors are award winners of prizes like Miguel Cervantes ( a highly recognized award). You will also find some of their most famous quotes and their most well-known works. The works below are geared for young adults and adults. For books to read with your children in Spanish, please check the following posts: 

If you are wanting to dive into reading in Spanish, take a look at these titles. I recommend starting with Isabel Allende, a very popular author. All her works have also been translated into English, though, I do think you should read it in Spanish first.  Or the book Martín Rivas, a love story. You can read more about it at the end of the post. 

1.Juan Rulfo:

Juan Rulfo is a Mexican author, well-known for his book Pedro Páramo. This is a very famous book that even Gabriel García Marquez has said had memorized. Other authors have also considered Pedro Páramo to be a masterpiece. 

Pedro Páramo – Spanish Edition
Pedro Páramo – English Edition 


2. Mario Benedetti:

Mario Benedetti is an Uruguayan author, he took more a political style of writing later on in his life. His book, Andamios, tells the story of a man who returned to Uruguay after being exiled from his country. Definitely a very, very good book. His writing takes you right to the scene he is describing.  Another great title by him is La Tregua.

Andamios – Spanish Edition (Kindle)
La Tregua – Spanish Edition

Mario (1)

3. Isabel Allende:

Isabel Allende is a very well-known Chilean author. Most of her works also depict the political / cultural climate lived during military dictatorship. Two of my favorite books by her are Hija de la Fortuna (Daughter of Fortune) and De Amor y de Sombra 

Hija de la Fortuna – Spanish Edition
Daughter of Fortune – English Edition 

De Amor y De Sombra – Spanish Edition
Of Love and Shadows – English Edition


4. Jorge Luis Borges:

Jorge Luis Borges is a very well-known Argentinian author. His book Laberintos is one of his best works. 

Jorge Luis Borges – All Works
Labyrinths – English Edition

Mario (2).png

5. Ernesto Sabato

Ernesto Sabato, also from Argentina is well-known for his novel, El Túnel. Just about every high-schooler ends up reading this book during their senior year. This is the story of an artist who falls in love with a woman, when she appreciated his art in a way that nobody else had before.  This leads to a series of events which lead to tragedy. 

Mario (3)

Mario (3)

6. Gabriel Garcia Marquez:

Gabriel García Márquez is a Colombian author. His most famous works include 100 Años de Soledad and Amor en Tiempo de Cólera

Mario (5).png

Mario (4)

7. Alberto Blest Gana: 

Alberto Blest Gana is a Chilean author. One of his best works is Martîn Rivas, where he writes about the gap between social classes and the love between Martín and Leonor. I can’t recommend this book enough. If there is one title from this list that you should read, this one is very VERY good!!! A real classic of Chilean Spanish Literature. Martín is a poor boy and Leonor comes from upper class when they fall in love. Of course, the culture is such that such differences don’t allow them to be together. You have to read this story to find out how they deal with the circumstances. 

Marín Rivas – Spanish Edition (Kindle)


Have you read any novels in Spanish? What have you read? Have you heard of any of these authors?

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