Good Enough to Eat Picture Book

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For our weekly readings, I keep a basket of books that cover topics like Science, History, Geography, Spanish, and some fun readings like Mr. and Mrs. Green – those are great to give us a mid-morning giggle and work on our comprehension skills, especially for my preschooler and kindergartner. 

Picture Book on Nutrition – Healthy Eating

Alright so going back to the book basket, this week we have been reading Good Enough to Eat: A Kid’s Guide to Food and Nutrition. This is an excellent book with very good information and plenty of pictures and examples all throughout. Since it is so rich in information, we like to read it in parts to really grasp the text. This book is a great extension to my list of 10 ideas on raising healthy eaters 

Just this morning when we were reading, my son (who dislikes tomatoes) was telling me how important it actually is for him to eat tomatoes. In this book we read that “Vitamin C helps my skin heal” and below it shows a box with foods rich in Vitamin C – tomatoes is one of them.  


So he was able to read and see the importance of eating tomatoes and why Mami likes to make Ensalada Chilena – Tomato Salad so often at home. 

 Bravo for him! It is so important we read to them about eating healthy and model it at home with very yummy recipes! 

This is one of my favorite pages that has sparked many conversations around the table and throughout the week. We also discuss the terms in Spanish as we go. 


Digestive System in Spanish

Mouth – Boca

Esophagus – Esófago

Stomach – Estómago

Small Intestine – Intestino Delgado

Large Intestine – Intestino Grueso

I am also really interested in purchasing this Scientist Kid Young Scientist Series – Set 6: Flight (Kit 16) – Heart and Lungs (Kit 17) – Digestive System (Kit 18) from Amazon to expand our reading on the digestive system. This one has some really good reviews.

Spanish Picture Book on Nutrition Healthy Eating

Qué rico se ve, ¡a comer! (It’s Good Enough to Eat!) (Spanish Version) (Fiction Readers) (Spanish Edition)

I am getting this book from the library. I’ll let you know what we think of it soon!


Cuéntame – Tell me:

Do you keep a weekly book basket? What books have you been reading? Let me know in the comments!  


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Best Picture Books in Spanish about Love

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Every year around Valentine’s Day the kids and I like to read some really sweet picture books in Spanish about love. Some we have read since they were babies, others we have added during the toddler years. Still each one holds a special memory, especially Siempre Te Querré, just so beautiful. 

Hope you enjoy this list! 

Hasta la próxima, 


Best Picture Books in Spanish About LOVE

Pero cuando llegaba la noche, ella le decía:

“Por siempre te amaré, por siempre te querré.

Mientras en mi haya vida, siempre serás mi bebé.”

Siempre te querré: We absolutely love this book. We can read it over and over and it just doesn’t get old. I love the repetition which builds vocabulary. It is also available in English.  My kids prefer to hear this one in Spanish.

I Love You Through and Through / Te quiero, yo te quiero:  This is a rhyming story about a child and the bear. It has some lovely rhymes. This one is one of my favorites because it is a bilingual edition.

Adivina cuanto te quiero: This book is just pure sweetness and tenderness. Muy tierno. Definitely a favorite for bedtime stories. 


Te quiero más: My daughter and I read this book every day for at least 3 years. She really enjoyed this story. Simply written, very beautiful. 

More  Spanish Picture Books about Love for children:

Te quiero tanto… (Spanish Edition)

How Do I Love You? / ¿Cómo te quiero? (Spanish and English Edition)

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How to Teach Spanish Vowels at Home and FREE Printable

Funny fact: My kids have found it sooooo much easier to learn their vowels in Spanish first and then in English. They enjoy saying their vowels in Spanish first and then in English. They have some sort of game / competition when they do it. Since they learned their vowels quite easy and quick, I found it pertinent to immediately move on to learn to start looking at syllables that follow the consonant + vowel pattern to make words like Mamá, Papá, mesa, etc.

Our Favorite Videos to learn Spanish Vowels:

  1. There are some fun songs on YouTube that we still like to listen to like this one by Piñón. It is so catchy, great to dance, and shows motions to show what each vowel looks like. This is my personal favorite:

2. The other one we like is by Mono Sílabo. What I like about this video is that it teaches the vowels and it says words that start with the vowel. It is cute and a good way to get the kids acquainted to the characters in this channel. I use several of their videos for teaching Spanish as well.


Teach Spanish Vowels with a Hand Rhyming Game – Juego de Palmas

Hand rhyming games break the routine, make learning fun, and allows the child to move while learning new concepts. 

We also like this juego de palmas hand clapping game where each Spanish vowel rhymes with a type of doll.

Tengo una Muñeca

Juego de Palmas


A con A,

Daba daba da,

Tengo una muñeca de cristal.


E con E,

Debe debe de,

Tengo una muñeca de papel.


I con I,

Dibi dibi di,

Tengo una muñeca de marfil.


O con O,

Dobo dobo do,

Tengo una muñeca de algodón.


U con U,

Dubu dubu du,

Tengo una muñeca tan bonita como tú.


As a variation, I have included a FREE printable doll for your child to color and turn into one of the dolls  – muñecas from the hand rhyming game. 

You can use the dolls as puppets! Have your child pretend their doll can talk and tell a story about how the doll was made of crystal, paper, marfil, cotton, or one of their one creation! 

We like to print ours, color them, cut out, and tape it on a popsicle stick


Vowels Hand Rhyming Game – Juego de Palma Printable


Doll Printable – Tengo una Muñeca Printable 


Doll Muneca FREE Printable


Thanks to Teacher’s Clipart for the graphic.


Have fun learning the Spanish vowels with your child! Enjoy cutting and decorating your printable dolls.

¡Hasta la próxima!





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Fabiola invites you to check out the Amazon App and get $5

Use my link to get $5 at Amazon for signing into the Amazon App the first time:

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Board Games for Language Learning


In our homeschool, we enjoy every opportunity we get to play a board game as a family. It is such a fun and relaxed time to learn and play together. We look forward to our Saturday afternoons where we get to bake together, play a game, and have fun.

Based on my personal experience as a language learner, language teacher, and my studies in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) I know as a fact that it is easier to learn a language by making it meaningful. In other words, we want learners to have authentic opportunities to learn the language. Playing games boosts learners confidence skills, enthusiasm, and creates a fun environment where they can get to practice their language skills. Playing board games equals fun learning time. 

One of my goals as a teacher is for my children to learn Spanish. They don’t like being drilled and honestly I don’t like to drill them either. But I do like them to use what they know , build on previous knowledge to further their language skills. So this is why I compiled this list of board games that will help them to learn Spanish at home.

This post contains affiliate links.


Bingo: Classic game that builds and reviews vocabulary. It comes with 40 cards and chips. This game can be played with the whole family or in a classroom setting since it has enough cards for a large gathering. I started playing this game with my family several years ago and my youngest started playing it when he was close to 3 years old. Definitely a fun game for making use of Spanish vocabulary useful.


Scrabble Spanish: The Spanish edition includes all the Spanish letters as well as additional vowels.


Spanish Monopoly: My absolute board game that kept my family playing for hours! It is also a great opportunity to practice Spanish. Learn and use words such as comprar, pagar, arrendar, hotel, casa, construir, etc.  This is also a great game for practicing counting in any language. Use those Spanish words in real context when playing Monopoly.

Manzanas con Manzanas: This is the Spanish version of Apples to Apples. I absolutely cannot wait to have our whole family playing this game in Spanish!  This game guarantees the use of the language and I can just see it being a total hit. Spanish learners will amaze themselves with how many words they know. This is a great game for practicing: reading, synonyms, antonyms,  vocabulary,  and so much more.

Rory’s Story Cubes: This game contains cubes with different pictures / symbols. Each player has to roll the dice and create a story with the picture. This is such a good game to build literacy, create fun stories, work with adjectives, and spark use of the language.  There is this other version of the game, geared for younger kids ages 3 and up.

Guess Who Game: This game is an excellent follow up to practicing descriptions in Spanish.  Both children and adults find this game enjoyable as everyone has to ask questions and provide descriptions to figure out the mystery character. A fun game for everyone to play!

Dígame: Although I haven’t played this game, I am adding it to my cart because it has raving reviews online including  Winner of the 2015 Creative Child Awards Game of the Year. It builds language and vocabulary skills and gets people talking. 


  • What board games do you play to teach Spanish?
  • What are your favorites?
  • What would you add to this list?


Happy game time!



Recommended Bilingual English-Spanish Picture Books

How to have Bilingual Story Time at Home

Favorite YouTube Channels to Teach Spanish for Kids

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas – Nov.4, 2016

The following is a collection of Top 6 findings for phone accessories.

These are time sensitve deals, available through Jane, so be sure to get it right away when you see it.  Which are you getting?

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support! 



Flat Phone Bungee Cables  – 10 feet long, assorted colors, extra long, durable.


icon phone cases.jpg

Hot Icon Phone Case – Fun and trendy designs!



Portable External Cell Phone Charger – for iPhone and Android



Universal Magnetic Air Vent Mount  – Works with all smartphones and GPS.



Stroller Bike Mount – It adjusts to the handle. Fits all phones.



Memory Card Reader – Works for iPhone and PC/Mac. 32 GB.


Let me know if you find this post helpful so I can find more deals for you.


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Illustrated Faith 18 Month Planner Deal and Special Code


illustrated faith planner


Dayspring has launched a beautiful faith-inspired planner. I couldn’t love it more!!!  Be organized with monthly and weekly spreads, as well as full-year views, with this lovely, Illustrated Faith 18-month agenda!  Space provided to give you room to draw, jot notes, and doodle—styled with gold foil accents and beautiful designs—inspirational messages and Scripture throughout for encouragement!  A perfect agenda for getting organized, expressing yourself, and being encouraged!

***Scroll to the bottom to get an EXCLUSIVE code for my readers to get extra savings!



Product Details:

  • Size:  7″W x 9″H x 7/8″D
  • 18-month agenda (July 2016 – December 2017)
  • 2017 & 2018 year overviews
  • Expanded monthly format and weekly format
  • Weekly format begins on Monday of each week
  • Scripture and inspirational quotes
  • 18 laminated tab dividers
  • Note pages, lined pages, grid pages, blank pages, and coloring pages
  • Colorful labels for noting events
  • Interior pocket page
  • Lay flat design
  • Durable, laminated cover


Check out the colorful labels:


Thanks to DaySpring for proving Bilingual Mami readers with an exclusive code SHINEHISLIGHT to get $20 Off any $60 purchase PLUS free shipping.  It means you could get 3 planners as gifts for $40 and free shipping.   This flash sale is good for 48 hours.


What are your favorite DaySpring products?


Happy Planning!




This post contains affiliate link. It means, I may earn a commission from your purchase at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting Bilingual Mami. 

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