Board Games for Language Learning

  In our homeschool, we enjoy every opportunity we get to play a board game as a family. It is such a fun and relaxed time to learn and play together. We look forward to our Saturday afternoons where we get to bake together, play a game, and have fun. Based on my personal experience as aContinue reading “Board Games for Language Learning”

Stocking Stuffer Ideas – Nov.4, 2016

The following is a collection of Top 6 findings for phone accessories. These are time sensitve deals, available through Jane, so be sure to get it right away when you see it.  Which are you getting? This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support!    Flat Phone Bungee Cables  – 10 feet long,Continue reading “Stocking Stuffer Ideas – Nov.4, 2016”

Illustrated Faith 18 Month Planner Deal and Special Code

    Dayspring has launched a beautiful faith-inspired planner. I couldn’t love it more!!!  Be organized with monthly and weekly spreads, as well as full-year views, with this lovely, Illustrated Faith 18-month agenda!  Space provided to give you room to draw, jot notes, and doodle—styled with gold foil accents and beautiful designs—inspirational messages and Scripture throughoutContinue reading “Illustrated Faith 18 Month Planner Deal and Special Code”

Simple Creamy Pasta with Peas – Recipe for busy days and quick meal

Homeschooling, going on nature walks, and pretty much life keeps our mornings really busy. Sometimes I am able to get a head start on lunch early in the morig and other times I need a quick 15-20 min lunch meal. Here is where this simple Creamy Peas Pasta comes in. You probably have the ingredientsContinue reading “Simple Creamy Pasta with Peas – Recipe for busy days and quick meal”

Adding Doubles Muffin Tray Activity

Kindergarten is a time to learn new mathematical concepts such adding doubles. It is also a time when children age 5 still need plenty of time to play and continue developing fine motor skills to help them hold the pencil and write.  By now, you have probably seen the many activity ideas available on PinterestContinue reading “Adding Doubles Muffin Tray Activity”

Healthy Eating Chilean Salad Ensalada Chilena Recipe 

Today I made my go-to frugal, healthy, and tasty salad. It happens to be one of Chile’s traditional salads served at pretty much every gathering and found at every restaurant. It is so simple, yet full of flavor. Refreshing. Only 3 main ingredients. Healthy. Ingredients 1 bunch of cilantro or coriander depending on where youContinue reading “Healthy Eating Chilean Salad Ensalada Chilena Recipe “

How to Sew Pumpkins the Easy Way – Sewing and a Handicraft Project for Children per Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason’s teaching methodologies resonate with me in more ways than I can count. One of those ways is her idea of teaching children a handicraft from a young age. It enriches them and opens the door for them to become more creative, skilled, and confident.   *** Some points to acknowledge about handicrafts perContinue reading “How to Sew Pumpkins the Easy Way – Sewing and a Handicraft Project for Children per Charlotte Mason”

Recommended Bilingual English-Spanish Picture Books

We have read many, many Bilingual Picture Books in our home throughout the years. This is a running list of the ones we have read.  Hope you enjoy. Which have you read? Cuéntame: What have you read? What would you add to this list? Please note this post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supportingContinue reading “Recommended Bilingual English-Spanish Picture Books”